The Confederate Flag And Guns

So lately I have been reading a number of news articles about the Confederate Flag, and I would like to address those issues, but first, here is my position on the Confederate Flag and the Confederacy:

1. The Confederate Flag is the true flag of the South.  It doesn’t matter if it hurts the feelings of others, because it is part of the southern heritage.

2. The flag is not a symbol of slavery, anymore than the current American Flag.  Slavery went on under the American flag before the Confederate flag was created, and slavery went on in some Union states even during the War Between The States.

3. Most white southerners did not own slaves.

4. Membership in the Union was not meant to be unconditional, and the south did not ask to be brought into the Union.

5. If the Confederate Flag is “racist” then so are the flags for Brazil and Cuba, which also kept slaves, but the supposedly righteous and morally superior Union could not be bothered with freeing those slaves for some reason.  I guess because those countries were never part of the union.

That being said, I would like to discuss the news.  It looks like government of South Carolina is moving to take down the flag, which hangs over a Confederate War Memorial.  First of all, the South never ASKED to be brought back into the Union.  Many southerners died defending their country, their wives, their children, and their freedom.

“The Confederate battle flag years and years ago was appropriated as a symbol of hate,” said Charleston Mayor Joseph Riley, who is white. “It is a piece of history and it belongs in a history museum.”


“It symbolizes hatred to me,” said Wright, a Charleston native.


It doesn’t matter whether or not this guy is white or the other guy was born there, what matters is that desecrating and removing this monument is a slap in the face to the people who fought for Southern independence, and to their descendents.  The media should ask the people descended from those veterans if THEY want the monument removed, but that is what this is about, a slap in the face to the South.

The flag in question is flying over a monument to Confederate soldiers who died during the war, so it makes perfect sense for the flag to be flown in that context.

The monument itself has also been vandalized:

A statue in Charleston that memorializes the Confederate soldiers who defended the city during the Civil War was vandalized with spray paint over the weekend, according to ABC 4 News.

The vandal left two messages in red paint:

“Black Lives Matter”


“This is the problem #racist”


Screen-Shot-2015-06-22-at-8.17.26-AM Screen-Shot-2015-06-22-at-9.08.02-AM Screen-Shot-2015-06-22-at-8.17.00-AM

Of course black lives do matter, but they only seem to matter to black people when the killer is something other than black.  The number one killer of blacks is blacks, and most black Americans seem to accept this as the way of things.  I think what is really going on, is that there is a constant animus towards white people in the black community, so they, with the help of the Democraps, use any opportunity they can get to browbeat white people and/or try to exact money.  What this is really about is browbeating white people and furthering the cause of statism and white guilt

In a sane society, the vandal would be punished, and cameras would be put up to catch anyone who does it again.  There is no basis for calling the Confederate soldiers TERRORISTS.  They aren’t the ones who burned Atlanta, tore up railroad tracks, and cut down telegraph lines.  Spray painting a war memorial is much closer to terrorism than honoring the honored dead.  Giving in to these cry babies and vandals is only going to encourage more of their bad behavior.

Now we come to more of Obama’s foolishness:

“Racism, we are not cured of it,” Obama said. “And it’s not just a matter of it not being polite to say nigger in public. That’s not the measure of whether racism still exists or not. It’s not just a matter of overt discrimination. Societies don’t, overnight, completely erase everything that happened 200 to 300 years prior.”


First of all, Obama has done nothing but exacerbate race relations in the US, and continues to do so.  The media has been trying to sweep the race riots under the rug, or downplay them as something else, but I’ve seen more race riots under Obama than I have in my entire life up until then.  All the Trayvon Martin insanity were race riots.  The “protests” in Furgeson were a race riot, and the foolishness in Baltimore is also a race riot.

Obama has made it difficult for the police to do their jobs, and he has made the country less safe for white people.

That being said, there is no “cure” for racism.  There has always been racism, and there always will be a few racist people no matter what.  Picking at an open wound only makes things worse, and a lot more people will become racists out of resentment over the deteriorating conditions.  Racism is a bad feeling, and just like all bad feelings, it can never be eliminated, but it can be mitigated by rule of law where people get punished for acts of violence AND vandalism.

In a pluralistic society it is essential that the law remain objective, and not take on an emotional tone or mission.  There must be no bias or ideological motivation other than keeping things safe and orderly.  If we cannot keep bias out of the law, then we need to talk about demographic separation.

The president said while attitudes about race have improved significantly since he was born to a white mother and black father, the legacy of slavery “casts a long shadow and that’s still part of our DNA that’s passed on.”

I don’t see any evidence that attitudes have improved significantly.  Things have gotten much worse.  He acts like black people were just freed from slavery, or like Jim Crowe is still going on.  Jim Crowe is over, and now we have affirmative action, which is like a Jim Crowe against white people.  Of Obama wanted racism to go down he wouldn’t engage in race baiting, or getting involved in local cases like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.  Those were state matters, not Federal.  Obama doesn’t even know his place.

Obama also expressed frustration that “the grip of the NRA on Congress is extremely strong” and prevented gun control from advancing in Congress after 20 children and six educators were massacred in a Connecticut elementary school in 2012.

NRA or not, the second amendment doesn’t allow for Federal gun control, in fact it was designed to prevent just that.

“I will tell you, right after Sandy Hook, Newtown, when 20 6-year-olds are gunned down, and Congress literally does nothing — yes, that’s the closest I came to feeling disgusted,” he said. “I was pretty disgusted.”

So let teachers carry guns.  Back in the 1950’s there were no school shootings, and back then kids were ALLOWED to bring guns to school.  Funny how the liberals will talk about taking away guns every time there is a school shooting (which the Constitution protects), but they never talk about SHUTTING DOWN public schools.  This is because they have an agenda they are driving toward, and private ownership of guns is a hindrance, whereas public schools are part of that agenda, and that agenda of theirs is not public safety.

He said it’s important to respect that hunting and sportsmanship are important to a lot of gun-owning Americans. “The question is just is there a way of accommodating that legitimate set of traditions with some common-sense stuff that prevents a 21-year-old who is angry about something or confused about something, or is racist, or is deranged from going into a gun store and suddenly is packing, and can do enormous harm,” Obama said in a reference to suspect Dylann Storm Roof, whose purported 2,500-word hate-filled manifesto talked about white supremacy. Roof faces nine counts of murder in connection with Wednesday’s shooting.

The founders didn’t allow guns just for hunting and sporting.  They allowed guns so that if people had to overthrow the government AGAIN they could do so.  Going into a gun shop does not make someone deranged.  If seeing guns is enough to make people deranged then DHS, the military, and the police must all be deranged.  We had better make sure no one has guns, because guns make people go crazy.  Never mind that this bowlcut moron, and the other bowlcut autist who shot up Sandy Hook were BOTH ON DRUGS.  Do we take away the drugs?  Nope, it has to be the guns.  Obviously the fixation here is on guns, not on public safety, or else all contributing factors would be considered.

I would be fine if no one in the world had guns, but as long as some people have them, then law abiding citizens also need to have them.

I also think that part of this animus against the Confederate Flag stems from a Federal urge to further repress and tamp down secession.  The last thing they want is for their tax base and influence to shrink.  A parasite never wants to lose the host.

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I could be described as a libertarian monarchist with religious leanings and sympathies towards anarchy and nationalism. I have realized that a lot of my views are reactionary. Most of the time it's when I see something I don't like that I feel inspired to write. I'm basically like a badger being poked with a stick. I'm fairly ornery when poked, but I don't wish people harm provided that they don't seek to harm me either directly or indirectly. I don't at all care for the left, and I am not at all happy that they are out to destroy my way of life and undermine my freedom. But one of my goals is to spread awareness as much as I can. My Manifesto in Short.: 1. Dejure rights and positive liberty are invalid concepts. Man in his natural state is free. He is free to create what he wants, occupy and defend a territory he exists in, associate with who he wants, wear what he wants, say what he wants, follow whatever religion he wants, and essentially do whatever he pleases. Government is an artificial imposition which requires force both to come into existence and to exist. Therefore, government is not in a position to grant freedom or rights, as those already exist prior to the institution of government. Government can curtail freedoms, but it can never give them. The only fully legitimate function of government is to protect the natural rights of others from being violated by forces which they are incapable of combating, for example, protecting a farmer from the Mongol invasion. Protecting someone from having their feelings hurt is not a legitimate function, as never having hurt feelings is not a natural right. 2. Freedom of association and speech are more important than anyone's feelings. Feelings are subjective, and there is no reason why one person's feelings are any more valid than anyone else's. A law to protect one person's feelings from being hurt is certain to harm another person's, therefore, feelings cannot be a basis for law. My freedoms do not end where another person's feelings begin. 3. Democracy is a failure, and it is predicated on faulty premises. In order for Democracy to work, two criterion must be fulfilled, 1) those who tally the votes must do so honestly, and 2) those who vote must be moral and intelligent enough to make wise and proper decisions. The first premise is impossible to prove, and the second is not true of most people, therefore, Democracy is a questionable endeavor at best, and ultimately doomed to failure. In fact, under the best of circumstances Democracy is mob rule, but aside from that it also opens the door to demagoguery, tribal politics, and lobbying. 4. Communism and Islam are no less evil than Nazism. Communism has killed more people than Nazism, and in fact Stalin alone killed more people than Hitler. Islam has killed, and continues to kill more people than Communism and Nazism together. The only reason why communism and Islam are given a free pass is because Cultural Marxists are in charge of education, the media, and entertainment. Cultural Marxists have decided to institute communism by attacking the culture, and they have recognized Islam as something which they can use as an ally (for the time being). That is why both of those toxic ideologies get a free pass, but really they should not. Hitler worked with both Communists AND Muslims before the allies entered the war, and during the war he continued to work with Muslims. If some guy were to go around in a Nazi uniform and goose-step and Sieg hiel as he walked down the street he would never be able to get a job. His life would be over, and he might even be met with physical violence. If a white guy did it then things would be even worse. However, Muslims are able to walk down our streets wearing their terrorist clothing, their robes and hijabs, which represent thousands of years of slaughter, antisemitism, and persecution of religious and ethnic minorities (not to mention violence against women), and people just let them go. I want a complete and indefinite hiatus on Muslim immigration, and I want us to start repatriating the Muslims that are already here. 5. I utterly reject the concept of the "social contract." I did not ask to exist, nor did I have any control over what part of the world I was born in, which people group I was born into, or what other groups might happen to exist around me. Since my existence is entirely involuntary, I cannot be held responsible for the fact that I exist, nor is my existence sufficient grounds to argue that I owe something to someone else. I do not owe anyone money, goods, or services simply on the basis that I exist or that they exist. 6. Collective guild is a rubbish concept. No one can help what group they are born into, and no one is born owing anyone else anything. Debt is the result of borrowing resources on some level, and having just entered in the world one does not have the capacity to borrow, or really do anything beyond the most basic biological functions. Therefore, the notion that one baby is born owing something to another baby is absurd at best. 7. I thoroughly support Israel. I fully admit to supporting Israel for religious reasons, but if those were not in place I would still support Israel out of enlightened self-interest. Israel fulfills the real world equivalent of the function Gondor serves in Tolkien's Middle Earth. By that I mean they are close to the evil army, and draw a lot of it's attention and focus, and in doing so they protect the west. The difference is, that in Tolkien's world the west does not actively seek to import orcs and other members of the evil army, behind Gondor's back, whereas our moron leaders in real life do constantly import the evil army. Also, Jews are not a monolithic group, There are both left wing and right wing Jews. Those who are on the left are not motivated by religion to do what they do, but by the perverse Marxist ideology which they have adopted in place of their religion.

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