Black Lives Matter vs. Actual Persecution

Even though I don’t normally do this, I would like to preface by clarifying the difference between reactionary and racist.  I fall into the first category.  I don’t have a special animus toward any group, as I realize that people cannot help what group they are born into, and there are good and bad in every group.  I don’t obsess over people who are married interracially, or wish people harm purely on the basis of them being genetically or physically different than myself.

I do however react to people who try to get over on me, and I couldn’t care less about tempering my reactions to appease the Cathedral/PC mob.

I’ll make an allusion:  Let’s say I’m walking down the street and some fool decides to take my wallet and run, or punch me in the head and run.  I respond by knocking him down and slamming his face into the ground a few times (however long it takes for him to become unconscious).  He was the one who initiated the aggression.  My response may have (potentially) caused more damage to him than he would have done to me, and people may not like what I did, but at the core of the matter what I did was REACT to his attack.  Were it not for his aggression he would have been just another guy walking down the street, who I would have ignored.


My response to this whole campaign can be summed up in one word: LEAVE.

There is no systematic persecution of blacks, and in fact the “hate crimes” laws and affirmative action policies disproportionately favor blacks.

Michael Brown got shot because he attacked a cop and tried to take his gun after robbing a store.  Trayvon Martin got shot after attacking a neighborhood watchman (who was mestizo, not white).

There is no “open hunting” or mass shooting of blacks.  When you engage in criminal activities and attack cops there is a good chance you will get shot or beaten.

Why is the “knockout” game going on?  If someone attacks me for their stupid racially motivated knockout game, and fails to knock me out, then I am going to teach them a lesson they will not forget.

For some reason the liberal media will try to spit-shine the #blacklivesmatter movement, but refuses to point out that the knockout game is racially motivated.

The character of the black lives matter movement was revealed in how those people react to someone saying ALL lives matter.  Apparently, just black lives matter, and only when the killer is not black.  Most black Americans who are murdered are killed by other blacks, which ought to say something about the black American culture.

So to all the #blacklivesmatter people, I invite you to leave the country.  If you really are that oppressed, and if it’s the white man’s fault, then it makes no sense to stay here.  The logical thing to do is to leave the country and go to one which has a black majority.  Haiti is close by, but there is a lot more space in Africa.

Slavery is long gone, and the US isn’t a gulag, so there’s nothing to keep anyone from leaving if that is what they really want to leave.

It makes no sense that an exodus to Africa is not even on the table for discussion when talking about alleged white oppression.  If the white man is the enemy then exodus ought to be the first option.

As someone who has flown overseas twice, it’s not that hard to do.  You can get a good price on a one-way ticket from or orbitz.

If I was a persecuted racial minority, and I found out there was someplace else in the world where my people were an overwhelming majority, and were going to hold onto that majority status for at least the next 200 or so years, then I would get up and go there.  Better to go there and be free of discrimination, than be shot or kept down.

One reason why a return to Africa is not on the table, is because none of the things I mentioned are actually happening.  The #blacklivesmatter is a sham.

How is it a sham?  Aside from the fact that the problem is not real, one need only look at the solutions, which boil down to lifting money out of the pockets of some citizens and giving it to others.  Redistribution of wealth, and all forms of handouts, including affirmative action are the solutions, but sometimes these “solutions” are coupled with restrictions on speech.

Racial sob stories:

You know that someone’s racial sob story is not legitimate when it boils down to redistribution of wealth and policies which are biased in their favor rather than equalizing.

The La Raza/amnesty/mestizo pride sob stories amount to the same thing; getting handouts that were unearned.

The bogeyman of racial persecution is just an excuse for some people to dig their hands into other people’s pockets.  I’m fresh out of sympathy for such sob stories, especially given that my pockets are shallow and largely full of lent.

The mestizo sob stories are even more disingenuous than the #blacklivesmatter.  The ancestors of the black Americans did not ask to be brought here, whereas the Mexicans, Guatemalans, et. al, came voluntarily.  If you come voluntarily, and things aren’t in your favor or are worse than where you came from, the logical response is to leave.  If things are better in the US then wherever the immigrant came from, then there is no grounds for complaining.

The complaining is just an excuse to dig into other people’s pockets, which is why redistribution and other handouts are always the solution to this alleged discrimination and racial animus.

Actual Racial and Ethnic Issues:

Actual racial and/or ethnic persecution typically involves an existential crisis, which can either be immediate or set at some point in the future.  The solution to these problems is not handouts, but getting the boot of the oppressor off one’s neck.  Here are some examples:

The Ainu of Japan:

Ainu man Ainu Woman ainu2

The Ainu of Japan were there before the modern Japanese, and were originally a Caucasoid race, but with some Australoid elements in them, or so it seems. The Japanese immigrated in from the mainland, took over, and grossly outnumbered them, relegating them to a subordinate position.  It was similar to what happened to the Amerindians of North America, except that the US has taken steps to preserve the native cultures whereas Japan continued to work on reducing their numbers and erasing them until the damage was irreversible.

Throughout all of this process, the Ainu really had no place to go, as their homeland was taken over and there was nowhere else in the world where their people existed.

Note: I have nothing against Japan or the Japanese people, who I respect.  I just report on what happened for illustrative purposes.

Information on Ainu:

The Coptic People of Egypt:


The Coptic people are all that is left of the native Egyptians.  They are called Copts because the invading Arabs could not say “Gepts” which was their original name, taken after the name of the country “Ageptus.”

They are the descendants of the original Egpytians who converted to Christianity during Roman times, and formed their own church which is at least as old as the Catholic Church.  The Coptic language is derived directly from classic Egyptian, and some of the communion rituals stem from pre-Christian Egyptian customs associated with embalming the pharaohs.

  • Coptics are not allowed to send their kids to their own schools.  They must send them to the public schools or private Islamic schools, where they are forced to memorize Koran verses.
  • They are not allowed to build or repair churches without permission from the government.
  • Muslims will often kidnap Coptic women, force them to marry their men, and use them to breed more Muslim children.  When this happens there is nothing the parents of the girls can do, as the police will not help, and if the girls run away then the Muslims will kill them, calling it apostasy.

More on the Copts:

The White People/Europeans in Zimbabwe and South Africa:

South AfricaKillBoer

The Euro-Africans of Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) and South Africa built those countries, but were always a racial minority there.  Once they gave up their power, they fell under immediate persecution.

Robert Mugabe has been waging an almost unrelenting war against the white farmers, taking their land to hand it over to black farmers, who of course knew nothing about large scale farming, but were in fact subsistence farmers.

In South Africa a white person is not allowed to start a business without a black partner, and even though white people are a small minority, there are race quotas in place to favor blacks.  Aside from this, white people in South Africa are continually faced with violence, rape, and robbery.

If I was white and living in South Africa or Zimbabwe, I would get out.  There is no sense in putting up with such ridiculous conditions, especially when the added risk of rape and murder is in place.

More information about South Africa, from Genocide Watch:


There is absolutely no comparison between the lives of black Americans and other “minorities” in the US to any of these peoples above, who are actually persecuted minorities.

There are of course other examples besides these, like the Yazidis and Assyrians, but throwing money at any of the peoples I mentioned would not solve their problem, unless they can’t afford a plane ticket.  If they should suddenly find themselves with more money, they would simply be a bigger target.  What they need is to get out of that situation, or to have their own homeland where they are the masters.

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I could be described as a libertarian monarchist with religious leanings and sympathies towards anarchy and nationalism. I have realized that a lot of my views are reactionary. Most of the time it's when I see something I don't like that I feel inspired to write. I'm basically like a badger being poked with a stick. I'm fairly ornery when poked, but I don't wish people harm provided that they don't seek to harm me either directly or indirectly. I don't at all care for the left, and I am not at all happy that they are out to destroy my way of life and undermine my freedom. But one of my goals is to spread awareness as much as I can. My Manifesto in Short.: 1. Dejure rights and positive liberty are invalid concepts. Man in his natural state is free. He is free to create what he wants, occupy and defend a territory he exists in, associate with who he wants, wear what he wants, say what he wants, follow whatever religion he wants, and essentially do whatever he pleases. Government is an artificial imposition which requires force both to come into existence and to exist. Therefore, government is not in a position to grant freedom or rights, as those already exist prior to the institution of government. Government can curtail freedoms, but it can never give them. The only fully legitimate function of government is to protect the natural rights of others from being violated by forces which they are incapable of combating, for example, protecting a farmer from the Mongol invasion. Protecting someone from having their feelings hurt is not a legitimate function, as never having hurt feelings is not a natural right. 2. Freedom of association and speech are more important than anyone's feelings. Feelings are subjective, and there is no reason why one person's feelings are any more valid than anyone else's. A law to protect one person's feelings from being hurt is certain to harm another person's, therefore, feelings cannot be a basis for law. My freedoms do not end where another person's feelings begin. 3. Democracy is a failure, and it is predicated on faulty premises. In order for Democracy to work, two criterion must be fulfilled, 1) those who tally the votes must do so honestly, and 2) those who vote must be moral and intelligent enough to make wise and proper decisions. The first premise is impossible to prove, and the second is not true of most people, therefore, Democracy is a questionable endeavor at best, and ultimately doomed to failure. In fact, under the best of circumstances Democracy is mob rule, but aside from that it also opens the door to demagoguery, tribal politics, and lobbying. 4. Communism and Islam are no less evil than Nazism. Communism has killed more people than Nazism, and in fact Stalin alone killed more people than Hitler. Islam has killed, and continues to kill more people than Communism and Nazism together. The only reason why communism and Islam are given a free pass is because Cultural Marxists are in charge of education, the media, and entertainment. Cultural Marxists have decided to institute communism by attacking the culture, and they have recognized Islam as something which they can use as an ally (for the time being). That is why both of those toxic ideologies get a free pass, but really they should not. Hitler worked with both Communists AND Muslims before the allies entered the war, and during the war he continued to work with Muslims. If some guy were to go around in a Nazi uniform and goose-step and Sieg hiel as he walked down the street he would never be able to get a job. His life would be over, and he might even be met with physical violence. If a white guy did it then things would be even worse. However, Muslims are able to walk down our streets wearing their terrorist clothing, their robes and hijabs, which represent thousands of years of slaughter, antisemitism, and persecution of religious and ethnic minorities (not to mention violence against women), and people just let them go. I want a complete and indefinite hiatus on Muslim immigration, and I want us to start repatriating the Muslims that are already here. 5. I utterly reject the concept of the "social contract." I did not ask to exist, nor did I have any control over what part of the world I was born in, which people group I was born into, or what other groups might happen to exist around me. Since my existence is entirely involuntary, I cannot be held responsible for the fact that I exist, nor is my existence sufficient grounds to argue that I owe something to someone else. I do not owe anyone money, goods, or services simply on the basis that I exist or that they exist. 6. Collective guild is a rubbish concept. No one can help what group they are born into, and no one is born owing anyone else anything. Debt is the result of borrowing resources on some level, and having just entered in the world one does not have the capacity to borrow, or really do anything beyond the most basic biological functions. Therefore, the notion that one baby is born owing something to another baby is absurd at best. 7. I thoroughly support Israel. I fully admit to supporting Israel for religious reasons, but if those were not in place I would still support Israel out of enlightened self-interest. Israel fulfills the real world equivalent of the function Gondor serves in Tolkien's Middle Earth. By that I mean they are close to the evil army, and draw a lot of it's attention and focus, and in doing so they protect the west. The difference is, that in Tolkien's world the west does not actively seek to import orcs and other members of the evil army, behind Gondor's back, whereas our moron leaders in real life do constantly import the evil army. Also, Jews are not a monolithic group, There are both left wing and right wing Jews. Those who are on the left are not motivated by religion to do what they do, but by the perverse Marxist ideology which they have adopted in place of their religion.

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2 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter vs. Actual Persecution”

    1. Well everything they are taught in the schools is based on Critical Theory. The goal is no longer to educate kids, but to perpetuate the narrative about how western civilization is evil and needs to be destroyed, so that the all-wise global communist dictatorship can take over.

      This is one reason why we need to get rid of public education and replace it with private.


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