RE: 8 Brutally Honest Reasons Why Millennial Women Are Staying Single

I just read this article and wanted to respond:

When I first saw the title, I thought perhaps this was an article written by someone on the alternative right about what is wrong with millenials (the “brutally” part gave me that notion), but what I found quite the opposite.

In short, this is an attempt at nihilistic apologeticism.  It is written from the perspective of someone who is clearly young and (at present) oblivious to the passage of time.

The thing about time is that it has a way of catching up with you, and the way you are now is not the way you will be ten years from now, either mentally or physically.  I’m in my 30’s, and I feel (for the most part) about the same as I did ten years ago, but the mirror tells me that I’m not the same.  The problem with a lot of millenials, aside from the sense of entitlement and overabundance of emotion, is that they do not think about the future.

The future is always there waiting for you, unless you die, in which case you’re on the other side of eternity and there’s no going back.  But before then, you do have some control over your life, and it’s up to you to make intelligent decisions.

That being said, let us go through this point by point:

A 2014 Pew Research Center report found that a mere 26% of young adults between the ages of 18 and 32 were married in 2013, compared to 48% of baby boomers and 36% of Generation X-ers who tied the knot at the same age. But it’s not just that more millennials are unmarried; we’re unpartnered too. A recent Gallup poll found that a whopping 60% of women identified as single. 

If you do not be fruitful and multiply, you will be replaced by those who are.  If you place no value on anything other than your personal, instant, gratification, and live entirely in the present, then it probably doesn’t matter to you, FOR NOW.  The problem is that it may matter to you later on once you have matured, but by then it might be too late.

But instead of being mopey sad-girls about it, plenty of young women are totally cool with this arrangement. “I just feel like I’m happier and more myself [when I’m single],”

This is the same mentality that causes a lot of younger girls to get tattoos.  You may like that tattoo right now (I never liked women with tattoos, that was always an instant deal breaker for me), but later on when you get older you may wish you hadn’t permanently marred yourself.  When you get really old the tattoo isn’t even going to have the same shape.  Similarly, being single for a 20 year old is quite different than being single for a 30 year old, or a 40 year old.

1) We’re busy starting our careers.

If your mother had made the same life choices that you had, you would not have existed.  By choosing to remain single and not reproduce you are throwing away the hard work and sacrifices of all of your ancestors who came before you.

Also, when I hear women saying that they are more interested in a career than marriage, I have to ask what the point is?  If you work, and fail to reproduce, then all of your money will probably be taken by the government, and everything you have worked for will be for nothing.

But then, I have to wonder what your idea of “work” is, as the general work ethic of the millenial generation leaves much to be desired.

“I went to grad school and am still kind of getting my footing career-wise, so I think I’ve also avoided looking for a relationship because I want to be more settled in my career first,” Jaime, 30, told Mic. “I wouldn’t necessarily want to date the male version of me — someone who doesn’t have their job life in order. So I don’t feel right being out there trying to date someone when I just don’t feel like I have things more in order and settled.”

–Men don’t care if you are “settled” or not.  When it comes to women, the two primary resources men are interested in are youth and beauty.  They don’t care about your career or money.  Some care, because it helps to have more money when you get married, but your primary selling point is youth and beauty, and the more time you let get by the less of that you have, and having lots of money will not make up for not having those two essential resources.

3) We have obscene student loan debt — and we don’t want to deal with anybody else’s.

Why do you have this debt?  I hope that whatever degree you got is worth the amount you paid into it in terms of time and money.

That being said, as a woman you are not responsible for the man, he is responsible for you.  Your debt may harm your marketability, but if you are young, have good looks, a proper attitude, and useful household skills, then you will have your pick of the men, and they will take care of your debt.

Time is your enemy.  At 25 with debt you are actually more marketable than you are at 35 with no debt.  If I’m a 35 year old man looking for a wife, and I have a choice between a 25 year old and a 35 year old woman, then, if looks are equal or close to equal, I’m going for the 25 year old.  The 25 year old has a longer window of opportunity for reproduction and sex, and at her age her body can recover more easily from the rigors of child birth.

4) We aren’t particularly religious.

Sociological researchers suspect millennials’ general disinterest in religion is one of the key factors driving down marriage rates, but it might also contribute to the growing comfort young women feel leading their own single lives.

–Something which leads to extinction is not an improvement, but if you don’t care, then there is no counterargument which will make you care other than TIME.

The first command God gave was to be fruitful and multiply.  So yes, if you don’t believe in God or an afterlife then you might be less likely to care about the future.

But again, the person you are at 20 is not who you will be at 40, and regardless of what you believe about God you will probably want companionship later on, and by 40 it’s probably too late.  

After all, without adopting certain religious principles that place a man at the head of the household, it’s probably easier to feel secure being the showrunner of your own life.

–That attitude only makes you less marketable, and limits you to men who you will never be able to truly respect.

5) We haven’t met “the right person.”

This is where an over-inflated opinion of self combines with a limited understanding of reality to create an unattainable standard.

Rebecca, 24, told Mic. “I would consider marrying if I met someone with similar enough interests and personalities that I wouldn’t have to compromise too much of what I wanted to be with them.” 

I find that the bulk of millenials, especially women, have very few interests beyond “what’s popping.”  By that I mean, whatever the latest pop-culture fad for young people is.  I recommend reading books, getting into physical fitness, and listening to both older forms of music and foreign music.

When it comes to books, don’t read self-help and romance novels, read history and science.  By science, I don’t mean things like “The God Delusion,” i mean scientific articles, press releases from NASA, or maybe even “Popular Mechanics” (which I used to read as a kid), or “Popular Science.”

My reading material at age 10 was more intelligent and advanced than that of the average millenial today, especially millenial women.

One problem I had with women when I was young, is that most of them didn’t have the intelligence to keep up with me in conversations.  Most guys don’t care about what your “frenemy” wore to work, or what Sally Mae said by the water cooler.  If you just want to be viewed as a husk which exists to warm someone’s penis, then don’t bother to develop yourself mentally.  If you want men to listen when you talk, then find something intelligent to talk about.

6) We’re working on being better people.

This statement is not congruent with the rest of the article.  Getting into debt, having lots of penises inside of you, and waiting until you’re older than 30 to settle down is not an improvement.

7) We want to have sex. Like, a lot.

The more penises you have had inside of you the less marketable you are.  There are lots of men that will accept you if you have had sex with one or two men, but the more you have sex the more limited your options are, and the harder it is to keep the knowledge of your behavior from becoming as common as you are.

If you had read the Bible you would know:

For by means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread: and the adultress will hunt for the precious life.

Proverbs 6:26

Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout is a beautiful woman who shows no discretion.

Proverbs 11:22


But in any case, it’s an accurate description of reality.  Actions have consequences, and life is not fair.  Just because I man can act in a particular fashion does not mean that a woman can act in a similar fashion and achieve the same results.

A man may use a woman who has had many sexual partners for sex, but he seldom will want her for anything more than that.  Why?  Because such a relationship would be highly risk prone.

In my case, I had no interest in women who had sex even once.  One of the reasons why I imported my wife from abroad was so that I could go where no other man had gone before.

8) Being single can actually be awesome.

Being single may be “awesome” at 20, but will it still be awesome at 40, 50, or 60?  Will it be awesome when you are a 70 year old woman living all by yourself?  Your sex drive will be gone, but you will have no children or grandchildren, and your parents and older family members will all be dead.  You will be alone with no legacy, and no hope of having one.


I am not saying this with the intent to ridicule or insult, but to offer advice and help.

“I didn’t ask for your advice!  This is sexist!”

And so on and so forth, but the fact of the matter is that, if you are a millenial, you have probably gotten little more than sugar coated validation your entire life, regardless of what it was you did.  Truth is medicine, and sugar coating is unnecessary/irrelevant.

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I could be described as a libertarian monarchist with religious leanings and sympathies towards anarchy and nationalism. I have realized that a lot of my views are reactionary. Most of the time it's when I see something I don't like that I feel inspired to write. I'm basically like a badger being poked with a stick. I'm fairly ornery when poked, but I don't wish people harm provided that they don't seek to harm me either directly or indirectly. I don't at all care for the left, and I am not at all happy that they are out to destroy my way of life and undermine my freedom. But one of my goals is to spread awareness as much as I can. My Manifesto in Short.: 1. Dejure rights and positive liberty are invalid concepts. Man in his natural state is free. He is free to create what he wants, occupy and defend a territory he exists in, associate with who he wants, wear what he wants, say what he wants, follow whatever religion he wants, and essentially do whatever he pleases. Government is an artificial imposition which requires force both to come into existence and to exist. Therefore, government is not in a position to grant freedom or rights, as those already exist prior to the institution of government. Government can curtail freedoms, but it can never give them. The only fully legitimate function of government is to protect the natural rights of others from being violated by forces which they are incapable of combating, for example, protecting a farmer from the Mongol invasion. Protecting someone from having their feelings hurt is not a legitimate function, as never having hurt feelings is not a natural right. 2. Freedom of association and speech are more important than anyone's feelings. Feelings are subjective, and there is no reason why one person's feelings are any more valid than anyone else's. A law to protect one person's feelings from being hurt is certain to harm another person's, therefore, feelings cannot be a basis for law. My freedoms do not end where another person's feelings begin. 3. Democracy is a failure, and it is predicated on faulty premises. In order for Democracy to work, two criterion must be fulfilled, 1) those who tally the votes must do so honestly, and 2) those who vote must be moral and intelligent enough to make wise and proper decisions. The first premise is impossible to prove, and the second is not true of most people, therefore, Democracy is a questionable endeavor at best, and ultimately doomed to failure. In fact, under the best of circumstances Democracy is mob rule, but aside from that it also opens the door to demagoguery, tribal politics, and lobbying. 4. Communism and Islam are no less evil than Nazism. Communism has killed more people than Nazism, and in fact Stalin alone killed more people than Hitler. Islam has killed, and continues to kill more people than Communism and Nazism together. The only reason why communism and Islam are given a free pass is because Cultural Marxists are in charge of education, the media, and entertainment. Cultural Marxists have decided to institute communism by attacking the culture, and they have recognized Islam as something which they can use as an ally (for the time being). That is why both of those toxic ideologies get a free pass, but really they should not. Hitler worked with both Communists AND Muslims before the allies entered the war, and during the war he continued to work with Muslims. If some guy were to go around in a Nazi uniform and goose-step and Sieg hiel as he walked down the street he would never be able to get a job. His life would be over, and he might even be met with physical violence. If a white guy did it then things would be even worse. However, Muslims are able to walk down our streets wearing their terrorist clothing, their robes and hijabs, which represent thousands of years of slaughter, antisemitism, and persecution of religious and ethnic minorities (not to mention violence against women), and people just let them go. I want a complete and indefinite hiatus on Muslim immigration, and I want us to start repatriating the Muslims that are already here. 5. I utterly reject the concept of the "social contract." I did not ask to exist, nor did I have any control over what part of the world I was born in, which people group I was born into, or what other groups might happen to exist around me. Since my existence is entirely involuntary, I cannot be held responsible for the fact that I exist, nor is my existence sufficient grounds to argue that I owe something to someone else. I do not owe anyone money, goods, or services simply on the basis that I exist or that they exist. 6. Collective guild is a rubbish concept. No one can help what group they are born into, and no one is born owing anyone else anything. Debt is the result of borrowing resources on some level, and having just entered in the world one does not have the capacity to borrow, or really do anything beyond the most basic biological functions. Therefore, the notion that one baby is born owing something to another baby is absurd at best. 7. I thoroughly support Israel. I fully admit to supporting Israel for religious reasons, but if those were not in place I would still support Israel out of enlightened self-interest. Israel fulfills the real world equivalent of the function Gondor serves in Tolkien's Middle Earth. By that I mean they are close to the evil army, and draw a lot of it's attention and focus, and in doing so they protect the west. The difference is, that in Tolkien's world the west does not actively seek to import orcs and other members of the evil army, behind Gondor's back, whereas our moron leaders in real life do constantly import the evil army. Also, Jews are not a monolithic group, There are both left wing and right wing Jews. Those who are on the left are not motivated by religion to do what they do, but by the perverse Marxist ideology which they have adopted in place of their religion.

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2 thoughts on “RE: 8 Brutally Honest Reasons Why Millennial Women Are Staying Single”

  1. I wont bother to go read the original article anymore if this is your response to it… it all sounds true to me.
    I am 46 and I am not the same person I was twenty years ago – I have aged well, I am actually in better shape – spiritually, mentally, physically and financially. I would say I am at the peak of my marketability and I am now looking to settle down… and there is no way in hell I would settle for an American woman my age or a woman in her thirties… I may have to do as you say import my wife or go looking for her elsewhere – after all the dream they sold us was to work hard and better ourselves as men to reap the rewards… and part of that reward is a good wife.


    1. The original article was very difficult to get through. If you’ve got money and a good physique you should have your pick of women (such as there are) from the lat 20’s to 40’s. That being said, I actually met my wife using a matrimonial service. I prefer to set my own parameters rather than be at the mercy of others.


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